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Polynails and Polypins
A4 Stainless Steel nail with various coloured heads
to match most U.P.V.C. soffits and fascias
Polypin Colours Length Box 250
White Pins 25mm £ 4.98
White Pins 30mm £ 4.98
White Pins 40mm £ 4.98
Oak Pins 30mm £ 5.35
Oak Pins 40mm £ 5.35
Black Pins 30mm £ 6.97
Black Pins 40mm £ 6.97
Brown Pins 30mm £ 5.35
Brown Pins 40mm £ 5.35
Polynail Colours Length Box 100
White Nails 40mm £ 4.98
White Nails 50mm £ 4.98
White Nails 65mm £ 4.98
Oak Nails 50mm £ 5.35
Oak Nails 65mm £ 5.35
Black Nails 65mm £ 6.97
Brown Nails 50mm £ 5.35
Brown Nails 65mm £ 5.35
All Prices include VAT

A4 Stainless Steel Cladding Pins
Length Box 250
30mm £ 3.80

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