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10 * 4" (5.0 x 100mm)

Stainless Steel Wood Screws  /  Round Head  /  Slotted  /  A2 Grade

Traditional round head slotted wood screws manufactured from A2 Grade stainless steel. 

Often selected for their resilience to lightweight corrosion compared to that of mild steel screws, making stainless screws an excellent choice for internal and external project alike.

  • 5.0 Gauge (Metric) Wood Screw 
  • Length (Metric) = 100mm
  • Closest Imperial Equivalent: No.10 x 4”
  • Manufactured to DIN96 Standard

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Product Fact: Typically, all stainless slotted wood screws available in the UK market are manufactured to a metric gauge (size) and are then sold as an imperial equivalent. Round head wood screws are dome shaped, often used when it is desirable for the head of the screw to be prominent or removable, either for decorative or practical purposes. 

As with all slotted wood screws, for best results Screwsline recommends pre-drilling an appropriate pilot hole (both soft & hardwood) prior to application. 

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