Stock Types

Why Do We list Different Stock Types?

We sell both, new  finishing screws alongside commercial and hard to find wood screws, machine screws and fasteners. We also specialise in buying and selling old antique (Vintage Grade) wood screws in standard and non-standard sizes. 

Screw Stock Types Explained

As we sell both new and antique wood screws, we have tried very hard to make it as easy as possible for you to view different batches & grades of screws we currently have in stock.

To view different batches of stock, simply click into the product table or list view (i.e Brass, Countersunk, Slotted) and look out for the words ‘Stock Types’ where various grades and batches of stock are listed, described and photographed for you and are available to order.

Typical Grades we stock

Factory Bright/Best Grade
Newly made finishing screws, with a typically bright finish which is a common characteristic of newly manufactured wood screws. These are normally readily available with the exception of some of the more unusual gauges & lengths.

Vintage Grade
Vintage grade screws are an older looking product (new-old stock) that have character & charm, often rich and somewhat full toned in appearance, with a slightly classy feel about them, often with some or all the characteristics of an older wood screw thus is more suited to restoration & conservation work.

Tarnished Grade
Displaying some or considerable signs of age related verdigris & patina and are therefore only suitable for a select range of projects whereby a tarnished appearance is required to match existing character.