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5.0 x 60mm

Trade Wood Screws  /  High Performance  /  Pozi Drive

The Ulti-Mate 2 is a game changing commercial wood screw. These screw are packed full of ingenious design features which make them a strong contender for a wide range of timber trades, domestic and DIY users.

  • State of the art POZISQUARE® AND ACR® ANTI-CAMOUT recess for ‘STICK-FIT’ and ‘STABLE DRIVING – These screws are also designed to accept Philips (PH) & Pozi Driver (PZ)
  • SELF COUNTERSINKING RIBS - Screw self countersinks saving time and money
  • IRONMONGER CONSIDERED - no ribs on smaller sizes making these screws suitable for hinges and fittings
  • OPTIMALLY ANGLED WAXED THREADS - Faster and easier to drive
  • REINFORCED DOUBLE ANGLE HEAD - Self countersinking and better resistant to screw breakages
  • STRONG SHANK - Tempered high quality steel
  • SLIT SHANK - For reduced wood splitting
  • NEW QUICK-START POINT - Rapid starting with a minimum amount of force
  • ZINC & YELLOW PLATED - For added protection

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Zinc & Yellow Passivated

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Having bench tested these screws ourselves, in our opinion the Ulti-Mate 2 gives excellent performance, functionality and durability at a fraction of the cost of other overpriced brand screws. At screwsline what we like most about the Ulti-Mate 2 is the Anti-Camout feature which we feel is a vast step forward from standard pozi wood screws.

Trade discounts available for bulk orders! Get in touch to request a ‘free sample’ and experience for yourself how these screws perform.

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